Saturday 3rd December, 2016
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Fine Art Sales, Collectors Sales and Sporting Sales

If you are thinking of selling an item then we would be delighted to help. The notes below will help you to determine the best way we can realise the highest value for your property.

If, however, you would like any further information or clarification then please contact us direct.

Free valuation mornings

We offer free regular valuation mornings in our Crewkerne Salerooms as well as other locations. Please contact the saleroom in either Crewkerne or Taunton more for details.

House visits

For clients not able to visit the Salerooms or for valuation of larger items, we can arrange visits to clients' homes free of charge. Please contact the saleroom in either Crewkerne or Taunton more for details.

House clearances

With weekly general sales, we are able to process house clearances quickly and efficiently. Our specialists check through items and if an item is better sold in one of our catalogued sales it will be retained for inclusion in the relevant specialist sale. If you would like to know more about this service then please contact:

Chris Flower. Tel: 01460 73041 [email protected]

Reserve price

This is the minimum price at which the item will be sold. It will be agreed with the vendor in advance. It is normal to allow the auctioneer some discretion if bidding is slow.

Settlement terms

We pay clients 14 days after our general sales and 28 days after our catalogued sales. In the event that a buyer fails to settle his invoice with us we may not be able to settle with our client, but will keep our client informed at every stage if this occurs. (We do not release client items to the buyer until payment has been received in full).


All charges are subject to VAT at current rate(s).


Our commission for general Sales is 15% with a minimum lot charge of £5 applied on lots that sell under £33.00.

For catalogued (Fine Art) Sales our commission is charged on a sliding scale per Lot:
Over £1000 10%
Under £1000 15%
Loss & Damage Warranty

All items left for sale are covered by loss & damage warranty. A charge of 1.5% plus VAT is made to cover this.


A charge is made for withdrawing items prior to sale. The fee is 5% of our estimated value or the reserve price.


In the event that an item does not sell it can usually be re-offered in a future sale. We do not charge an unsold fee.

Electrical items

By law electrical items offered for sale have to be tested to ensure they comply with Trading Standards legislation. A charge of £5 per item is made.


Items illustrated in our catalogues are charged at a rate of not less than £20 for each illustration.


We can recommend experienced carriers.


Regular advertisements are placed in local and regional newspapers. Regular advertisements are also placed in the Antique Trade Gazette and other auction and antique related publications. We make no charge for this service unless specifically agreed in advance.

Terms & Conditions of Trade

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