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Fine Art, Pictures and Furniture on Friday 16th May 2003

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953-985 of 1475


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IMOGEN MUNTZ (FL.1899-1904) "AFRICA": COUNTRYBRED POLO PONY Signed, inscribed and dated "Egypt 1930" verso, oil on panel 22 x 32cm. 200-300 Flydirt; otherwise good and original


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954 IMOGEN COLLIER (FL.1899-1904) DONKEYS FOR HIRE, LUXOR, EGYPT; STUDY OF CAMEL ON DESERT Two, the former signed and inscribed, both signed and inscribed verso, oil on panel Each 24.5 x 35cm. approx. (2) 200-300 Each needs a light clean; original


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955 IMOGEN COLLIER (FL.1899-1904) MISS BAYLY: A BAY HUNTER IN A STABLE Signed, inscribed with identity of horse verso, oil on canvas 28 x 36cm. 200-300 Small area of craquelure; needs a very light clean only


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956 IMOGEN COLLIER (FL.1899-1904) POLO Signed, watercolour over pencil 14 x 20cm.; with a watercolour of a bay horse, signed Imogen Muntz, 19.5 x 27cm. (2) 200-250 A little pale foxing; each needs a light clean


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957 GEORGE WRIGHT (1860-1942) GOING OUT; ON THE SCENT A pair, both signed, oil on board Each 14 x 19.5cm. (2) 1000-1500 Each in good original condition; under glass; gilt frames


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958 RICHARD JOHN MUNRO DUPONT (1920-1977) A SADDLED BAY RACEHORSE IN A FIELD Signed, oil on canvas board 37.5 x 42.5cm. 150-250 Surface nicks and grazes retouched; paint slightly thin in places


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959 KEN MORONEY (b. 1949) FISHING SCENE, PROBABLY ON THE SHANNON Signed, oil on canvasboard 74.5 x 49.5cm. 500-700 New


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960 BERRISFORD HILL (Contemporary) WINTER LANDSCAPE (GROUSE); HARD TIMES (GROUSE); WINTER MORNING (PHEASANT) Three, each signed, oil on panel 11.5 x 16.5cm. or slightly smaller. (3) 120-180 Very good condition


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965 JOHN JOSEPH BARKER OF BATH (Fl.1835-1863) NEAR HARROGATE Signed, oil on canvas 59 x 90cm. 2500-3500 Light clean advised; paint a little thin; 19th Century gilt frame


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966 JOHN JOSEPH BARKER OF BATH (Fl.1835-1863) MALVERN Signed, oil on canvas 59.5 x 105cm. 3000-4000 Light clean advised; 19th Century gilt frame


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967 HENRY SHIRLEY (Fl.1843-1870) VIEW OF LLANBERIS, WALES Signed and dated 1836, oil on canvas 60 x 107cm. 1000-1500 Relined; replaced stretchers; surface good except for some minor craquelure


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968 DAVID W. HADDON (Fl.1884-1914) AN OLD TAR; and HIS WIFE A pair, both signed, oil on board Each 19.5 x 14.5cm. (2) 250-350 Original; a few chips at board edges


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968A CIRCLE OF ABRAHAM SOLOMON (1824-1862) PORTRAIT OF A LADY Standing three-quarter length in an interior, wearing a brown dress, oil on canvas laid on panel, oval 54 x 39cm. 200-300 Relined with associated retouching; original gilt frame


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969 ALEXANDER ROSELL (1859-1922) HUSH! Signed and dated 09, oil on canvas 54.5 x 75cm. 2000-3000 Relined; a little associated retouching


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970 CIRCLE OF ARTHUR JOSEPH MEADOWS (1843-1907) NEAR THE CHURCH OF THE JESUITS, VENICE Oil on board 24 x 40cm. 400-600 Needs a clean; good condition overall


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971 HENRY REDMORE (1820-1887) FISHING BOATS NEAR A WRECKED FRIGATE Signed and dated 1883, oil on canvas 62 x 97cm. 2000-3000 Needs a clean; some craquelure; modern frame


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972 CHARLES ROSSITER (Fl.1852-1890) TEA TIME FOR EVERYONE Signed, oil on panel 13.5 x 19cm. 1200-1800 Good condition; fresh and neatly painted


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973 EDWIN FREDERICK HOLT (Fl.1864-1897) CATTLE AND POULTRY IN A BYRE Signed and dated 1908, oil on canvas 39.5 x 59.5cm. 500-700 Good and original; needs a very light clean


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974 FRANCIS MOLTINO (Fl.1847-1867) IN THE POOL ON THE THAMES Oil on canvas 29.5 x 60cm. 250-350 Needs a light clean; very slight craquelure; slip frame


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975 EFB, possibly ELIZA FLORENCE BRIDELL (Fl.1859-1881) COASTAL SCENE, PROBABLY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN Inscibed "Copy from F Lee Bridell/ by EFB" verso, oil on paper 24 x 44.5cm.; with a watercolour by another hand. (2) 50-100 Oil sketch good; watercolour foxed


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976 FOLLOWER OF FREDERICK WILLIAM HULME (1816-1884) DEER BY A WOODED RIVER Signed with initials GFP and dated 88, oil on canvas 49.5 x 75cm. 150-200 A few small punctures; needs a clean


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977 STYLE OF ARTHUR GILBERT (1819-1895) RIVER LANDSCAPE VIEW, PROBABLY NEAR RICHMOND CASTLE Bears a signature, oil on canvas 19.5 x 24.5cm. 50-80 Two patches verso; some retouching and flaking; needs a clean


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978 FOLLOWER OF SAM BOUGH, RSA (1822-1878) SHEPHERD BOY WITH SHEEP NEAR A COTTAGE IN A WOODED LANDSCAPE Oil on canvas, unframed 76 x 101.5cm. 200-400 Very dirty; needs general attention


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979 SAMUEL REID (1854-1919) ON THE CHESS, AUGUST 1908; RIVER LANDSCAPE SCENE A pair, both signed, the former signed and inscribed on the stretcher, oil on canvas Each 30 x 45cm. (2) 200-300 Each needs a clean; a few minor dents and punctures


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980 WILLIAM HUGGINS (1820-1884) POULTRY Signed and dated 1872, oil and pencil on board, mounted oval 23 x 32cm. 600-900 Light clean advised


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981 CIRCLE OF JOHN FREDERICK HERRING JUNIOR (1815-1907) A SUMMER DAY IN THE FARMYARD Bears a signature, oil on canvas 88 x 99cm. 2000-3000 Relined; some associated retouching; original gilt frame


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982 JAMES WEBB (1825-1895) NIGHT Signed and dated 1878; also signed, inscribed with title and dated on the reverse, oil on panel 35 x 50cm. Painted for G. Tooth Esq (artist's inscription verso) 800-1200 Some slight paint separation; needs a clean


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983 EDWARD H. NIEMANN (Fl.1863-1867) NEAR BIRK CRAGS, YORKSHIRE Signed, also signed and inscribed with title on tne overlap. oil on canvas 54.5 x 95cm. 800-1200 Good and original; needs a light clean


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984 RICHARD SEBASTIAN BOND (1808-1886) GIPSY CAMP, PREATH MAWR Signed and dated 1875, also signed and inscribed on the reverse, oil on canvas 74 x 120.5cm. 600-800 Good; original gilt frame; under glass; needs a light clean


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985 KATE GILBERT (Fl.1885-1888) VIEW IN SNOWDONIA Signed and dated 1885, indistinctly inscribed on a label on the stretcher, oil on canvas 29.5 x 44cm. The artist was the granddaughter of Edward Williams (1782-1855) 800-1200 Relined; good condition overall


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