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Fine Art, Pictures and Furniture on Friday 16th May 2003

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891-925 of 1475


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FRANK DUFFIELD (20th Century) FIGURE IN A PUNT, NEAR THE CUSTOMS HOUSE, PILL, NEAR BRISTOL (?) Signed, watercolour over pencil 23.5 x 34cm. 80-100 Slight time stain


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892 ATTRIBUTED TO JEAN COCTEAU (1889-1963) DESIGN FOR DROP CURTAIN FOR "PELLEAS ET MELISANDE" (L'OPERA COMIQUE, PARIS) With signature and isncription, felt pen and coloured crayon 36 x 53cm. Exhibited: The Wright Hepburn Gallery, London, 1967 350-500 Felt pen faded


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893 ROBERT BONFILS (1886-1972) ILLUSTRATION FOR "L'APRES MIDI D'UNE FAUN" BY MALLARME Signed and dated 19, gouache and pencil 56.5 x 40.5cm. 180-250 Good condition.


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894 PHILIP JACKSON (Contemporary) RAINBOW NEAR BUTLEIGH Signed with monogram and dated 80, pastels 23.5 x 29cm. 100-120 Good condition.


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900 FOLLOWER OF CORNELIUS JOHNSON (1593-1661) PORTRAIT OF A CHILD Bust length, with long hair, lace collar and black and gold embroidered tunic, oil on canvas 26.5 x 21.5cm. 1500-2000 Old relining; craquelure; some retouching, particularly around the hair


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901 DUTCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1700 JUGS, BOWLS AND BASKETS IN THE CORNER OF A ROOM Oil on canvas 26 x 24cm. 200-300 Old relining; craquelure; minor surface faults


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902 GENOESE (?) SCHOOL, 17/18TH CENTURY PORTRAIT OF A CARDINAL Quarter length, wearing crimson cape and hat, oil on canvas, unframed 73 x 59.5cm. 200-400 Old relining; tears and damage; needs attention


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903 FOLLOWER OF PIETER VAN BLOEMEN, called MONSU STANDARD (1657-1720) TRAVELLERS WITH HORSES NEAR A CITY WALL Oil on canvas 39.5 x 31.5cm. 200-400 Relined; some associated retouching; thin; gilt frame


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904 ATTRIBUTED TO DIRK VERRIJK (1734-1786) A DUTCH CANAL SCENE WITH FIGURES IN BOATS NEAR BUILDINGS Bears signature "T Verryk", oil on canvas, laid down on panel 39 x 53.5cm. 350-450 Damage and small losses at canvas edges; horizontal crack across canvas; needs a clean Although his work in oil is not unknown, Verrijk was principally a painter of town scenes in watercolour and ink.


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905 PROVINCIAL FOLLOWER OF BARTHOLOMEW DANDRIDGE (1691-c.1755) PORTRAIT OF A BOY Standing full length, wearing a blue coat, red waistcoat and black hat, oil on canvas 119 x 80.5cm. 2500-3000 Old relining; old scattered faults and repairs; needs a clean


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906 AFTER JACQUES LOUIS DAVID (1748-1825) PORTRAIT OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE Quarter length, wearing military uniform, oil on canvas, unframed 69 x 53.5cm. 300-400 Wax-lined; associated retouching; slight general craquelure


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907 MANNER OF JOHANN ZOFFANY (1733-1810), 19/20TH CENTURY PORTRAIT OF JONATHON HARRISON, THE QUAKER, AND HIS WIFE, SARAH (nee GARDNER) WITH THEIR CHILD, SARAH The group seated full length on a bench, within a colonnade, a red swag above them, coastal scene beyond, oil on canvas, Watts-type frame 75 x 62cm.300-400 A few minor scattered surface chips and tears


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908 CIRCLE OF LEMUEL FRANCIS ABBOTT (c.1760-1802) PORTRAIT OF A LADY Quarter length, wearing a white dress and headband, oil on canvas, unframed 76 x 64cm. 150-250 Unlined; needs cleaning and restretching; small damages


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909 AFTER SIR DAVID WILKIE, RA (1785-1841) THE RENT DAY Oil on canvas 68.5 x 90cm. 650-850 Relined; associated retouching A copy of Wilkie's Royal Academy exhibit of 1809, no.129. The image was widely available through Raimbach's engraving of 1817 (see lot 807)


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910 FOLLOWER OF GEORGE ROMNEY (1734-1802) PORTRAIT OF A LADY Half length, wearing a russet dress, white shawl and bonnet, oil on canvas, unframed 76 x 63cm. 200-250 Old relining; paint losses, tears and scattered damage; needs a clean


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911 CIRCLE OF LEMUEL FRANCIS ABBOTT (c.1760-1802) PORTRAIT OF A WELSH SHIPBUILDER Seated half length, wearing a brown jacket and a banded grey and yellow waistcoat, holding a rule, a shipyard beyond, oil on canvas 90 x 70cm. Provenance: By descent in the family of the sitter. 800-1000 Relined; replaced stretchers; scattered retouching of damage and faults


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912 FOLLOWER OF BENJAMIN WEST, RA (1738-1820) ANGELS REPELLING THE DEVIL Indistinctly inscribed on an old label on the lining, oil on canvas 29.5 x 39cm. 300-500 Old relining; craquelure and some surface damage consistent with age


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913 FREDRICK WATERS WATTS (1800-1862) FARMHOUSE AT HILL'S CREST, EAST BERGHOLT Oil on paper laid on canvas 24 x 34.5cm. Exhibited: Agnews 1200-1800 Good condition


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914 SOLOMON COLE (Fl.1841-1859) PORTRAIT OF HANNAH COOKE, DAUGHTER OF CHARLES COOKE OF STOCKTON, WORCESTERSHIRE Seated half length, wearing a white dress and fur-edged cloak, signed and dated 1842 and inscribed verso, oil on metal 20 x 15cm. 200-250 Good; needs a light clean


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915 CIRCLE OF JOSEPH FRANCIS GILBERT (1792-1855) FIGURES IN CAPRICCIO CONTINENTAL LANDSCAPES A pair, oil on board Each 13 x 14.5cm.; with another small pair of landscapes on paper in the manner of Nasmyth, 7.5 x 12cm. (4) 200-400 Each picture needs a clean; otherwise in fair condition overall.


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916 FOLLOWER OF RAMSAY RICHARD REINAGLE, RA (1775-1862) FIGURES BY A RUSTIC BRIDGE IN A WOODED LANDSCAPE Oil on board 29 x 24cm. 100-200 Needs a general clean


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917 JOHN HILDER (1811-1839) A SKETCHBOOK containing 41 leaves (8 blank), comprising figure studies, rustic groups, animal studies, landscapes etc.; engraved Hilder bookplate 11 x 16cm.; with the original copper engraver's plate for the bookplate by Richard Hilder Senr; and a few bookplates, loose 150-200 Sketches with handling marks; some drawings rather slight


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918 RICHARD HILDER (Fl.1836-1851) FIGURES BY A STONE WALL IN A WOODED LANDSCAPE Oil on panel 43 x 59cm. 600-900 Paint separation and bitumen damage; paint thin in places


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919 RICHARD HILDER (Fl.1836-1851) FIGURE ON HORSEBACK ON A COUNTRY TRACK; GATHERING BRUSHWOOD A pair, oil on panel Each 24.5 x 19.5cm. (2) 2000-3000 The former good; the latter with vertical crack; each needs a clean


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920 JOHN READ (Fl.1858), AFTER SIR EDWIN HENRY LANDSEER, RA (1802-1873) SUSPENSE Inscribed on a label on the stretcher, oil on canvas 56 x 70cm. 300-500 Graze at right edge; small chips elsewhere; needs a clean


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921 WILLIAM POOLE (FL.1826-1838) A RUSTIC WOMAN ON A SETTLE Signed, oil on canvas 38.5 x 20.5cm. 100-150 Relined; vertical break in canvas; small chips; needs a clean


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922 CHARLES JAYNE (Fl.1838-1879) THE STOUR AT HARWICH Signed and inscribed on the stretcher, oil on canvas 29 x 44cm. Exhibited: Art Union, June Drawing, 1864 (prize exhibit?) 120-180 Some craquelure; small dabs of retouching; needs a clean


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923 FOLLOWER OF EUGENE DELACROIX (1798-1863) AN ARAB HORSEMAN ON A HEATH IN A STORM Oil on panel 27 x 26.5cm. 200-250 Good overall; restored


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924 J VERLY (19th CENTURY) VILLAGE GOSSIP; VILLAGE GAMBLERS A pair, both signed, oil on panel, unframed Each 19 x 25cm. (2) 150-250 Satisfactory overall


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925 FOLLOWER OF EMILE JEAN HORACE VERNET (1789-1863) BANDITTI ATTACKING CAVALRY ON A MOUNTAIN ROAD Oil on canvas laid on board 20 x 29cm. 200-300 some wear at canvas edges


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